Friday, July 1, 2011

Success Stories!

For over 25 years, Big Beat Music Studio has been a driving force behind the growing music community at the Jersey Shore. With our world-renowned music instructors and our creative curriculum, our students receive a one of a kind education that puts them on the fast track for a career in music. We’ve had more successful students graduate our program than any other music school. Our student alumni include award-winning drummers, commercial singing recording artists and even music business owners.

In 2005, one of our students, drummer Dan Prestup, became the winner of the World’s Fastest Feet Competition. Dan said that he owes his success to the teachers at Big Beat Studio for giving him “the confidence and support to compete in the World’s Fastest Drumming Competition.” There’s also other students. Ron Lipnicki, the drummer for Overkill (one of the most successful East Coast thrash mental bands), started as a student learning under Joe Nevolo’s direction at Big Beat Music Studio.  Another successful student drummer from Big Beat Music is Bob Pantella. Bob has been the drummer of many bands such as Monster Magnet and the Atomic Bitchwax. And then there’s Neil Garthly. After taking lessons from Big Beat Music Studio, Neil became the owner of the Academy of Drums, the creator of Drumology TV and the inventor of the 21st Century Drum Set.

The success of our students is more than just drumming. Singer-Songwriter Nicole Atkins is a recording artist with Columbia Records. She’s sang in commercials for American Express, Old Navy and she performed on “The Late Show with David Letterman”. Nicole took her first guitar lessons at Big Beat Music Studio. And Nicole’s drummer, Chris Donofrio, also took drumming lessons with Big Beat Music Studio.

Those are just some of our many former successful students. As for our next success story, perhaps it could be you! Call Big Beat Music Studio today for a free consultation at 732-774-8861 or go to our website

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Story

In the words of Joe Nevolo

Why did you start your business?

It started in 1983 and I must contribute the starting of my business to my ex-wife. She suggested that I start my own business because there were so many aspiring drummers that wanted to take lessons from me. I had students coming from New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and as far as Harrisburg PA. I always had a desire to help students achieve whatever musical goals they were striving for. My mission from the beginning of my school has always been "to instill a passion for playing music on a conscious and subconscious level for every aspiring student. Keeping a positive vision and happy musical experiences in sight throughout their lives". After a couple of years in business I started to recruit different teachers for teaching different instruments. We teach all instruments as well as vocal instruction.

Our Front yard!

 This is the Big Beat Music Studio Front Yard.....without any snow!!

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